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Much more than just a service counter

Fri-Jado’s Custom Counter offers next generation food retailers important benefits over regular service counters.

Hot meets cold

Hot & cold product groups in one integrated design

  • Hot & cold products separated by insulated glass, minimal heat transfer

Mouth-watering experience

Great visual impact through excellent product visibility

  • Large glass area with curved or squared glass, no frames or hinges
  • Optional black stainless steel interior
  • Large product presentation area (820 mm)
  • LED lighting makes your products look delicious (meat-enhancing or warm white light)

Superior holding conditions

Your products are fresh, look fresh and stay fresh

  • Fresh meat: ultrasonic humidification system and mild controlled air flow extend shelf life and minimize weight loss
  • Fresh fish: superior preservation through misting system and chilled ice tubs with crushed ice
  • Chilled products: perfect holding conditions combined with the highest stacking height in our range
  • Hot products: products maintain a core temperature of >65°C for over 4 hours through hot airflow technology and optional humidification

Designed for you

Modular design customizable to your needs

  • Self serve, serve over and preparation modules
  • Various module sizes, different interior configurations (flat deck, stepped deck, GN pan)
  • Look & feel that matches your store design
  • Reduced cleaning time thanks to lift-up glass and easily removable interior. Lift the glass in one piece in its own space.

Can we tell you more?

Looking for more information? Contact us!

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