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Your products need to be fresh, look fresh and stay fresh. The FreshCold Full Serve model has been designed for presentation of fresh unpacked products such as fresh meat. Meat-enhancing LED light and an optional blackened stainless steel interior make your products look delicious.

What your FreshCold counter could look like

  • Large customizable worktop

  • Optional ultrasonic humidification

  • LED light (warm white / optional meat-enhancing)

  • Optional blackened stainless steel interior

  • Flat deck, stepped deck or GN pans interior

  • Curved or Unisquare (squared) lift-up glass

  • Optional front lighting

  • Integral or remote refrigeration

  • Optional night covers

  • Customizable cladding and materials

The dehydration challenge

Dehydration is a common issue when presenting fresh unpacked products such as fresh meat. Dehydration means weight loss, and weight loss means reduced profits. Our optional ultrasonic humidification system reduces weight loss to only 1% per day! This means prolonged freshness and extended shelf life, resulting in less waste and more profit.

More about this counter

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